5 page website design, only £475

Don't worry about the jargon, everything you need is included for 2 years.

Excellent value for money

With low prices, useful functionality, and good looking websites - we feel our competitors are beaten.

Recommendations and repeat business mean that we don't need paid advertisements. That must be good?

Free domain name and hosting

Every car has a different number plate. Every phone has a different number. Every house has a different address. Domain names are like this too. Every website has a unique website address called a "domain name".

Choose any available .co.uk, .org.uk or .me.uk name. We offer 2 years free domain name and web hosting.

Bespoke designs, no templates

Your website is fully unique and custom to your requirements. Bespoke.

We start with a blank page. After research and planning, creative ideas are tested until everything looks great.

Social network connections

Have buttons (such as Like and Tweet) to connect with social networks, helping to promote your site.

Does your business use Twitter? Your website can include live copies of your Twitter feed to help engage visitors.

Google Places submission

Google often shows local business results above the normal results, so having your business on Google Maps is important.

No monthly fees, no hidden costs

Many web designers and companies have monthly charges for CMS or web hosting. We don't!

Some competitors don't even publish their prices, however we publish everything you need to know.

Mobile and tablet friendly

We now create websites to be mobile and tablet compatible. Your website can use "responsive design" to flow and adapt appropiately so that it looks great on almost any screen size!

Optimised for Google Search

Google is the most popular web browser in the UK and worldwide, by a significant amount. We code websites correctly with Google in-mind, for higher rankings.

Subtle techniques we use help "spiders" find all the important information on your website. This process is called SEO, search engine optimisation.

More than 200 different factors affect how often Google's results will include your site, as explained in this video.

Visitor reports and statistics

Anyone will be able to visit your website. Whether they are on the other side of your road, or if they are on the other side of the world - people can visit your website and see what you have to offer. Websites are online and available 24/7 which allows anyone to your business.

We setup Google Analytics software on your website which records data and generates interesting statistics about your website. The system can track how long someone was on a page, or even where they live!

Let's get started - contact us...

Total Website Design was established in 2010. Our prices include everything you need to have a great looking mobile-friendly website, hosted online for 2 years. Every website is custom made to your requirements, we do not outsource and there are no monthly fees.

Our office is located in Worthing, near Brighton. We also travel to meet within certain areas of East Sussex and West Sussex.

Frequently asked questions

Hopefully an answer to your question here, however please contact us for more information.

How much do you charge for a website?

Prices on this website are "guide prices". Your actual quote may differ slightly depending on the complexity of your requirements. Learn more.

What must I provide to you?

In addition to payment, you must provide all content required for the websites completion within 14 days. This includes text, photographs, videos, testimonials etc.

Will the website be in Google search results?

Yes, Google will index your website. Whilst we cannot guarantee what position your pages will appear, we do perform on-page SEO techniques and offer content advice.

Can I use my existing domain/host?

Probably. It is likely we can use your domain/host if you have the username and password. However, for functionality such as CMS - some hosts may be incompatible.

How long will it take?

A typical website will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Large or more complex websites may take longer.

Have a question?

We would be happy to help, please click here to email us, or call 01903 609547 and ask for Andrew Rowland.