Our websites work on tablets and smart phones

This means that your website will look great on any device.

Responsive design

We develop websites to look different depending on the size on the screen, known as responsive design. This means that your websites content and navigation will move automatically to fit nicely on the screen.

Mobile users benefit from responsive design:

  • No need to zoom in
  • No horizontal scrolling
  • Websites are easier to use
  • Find infomation faster

We currently create websites to be mobile and tablet compatible free of charge.

Responsive design = mobile and tablet friendly

No need to zoom in. No horizontal scrolling.

Why you need it

Your website can use responsive design to flow and adapt appropiately to look great on any screen size!

You will benefit from responsive design:

  • Customers are more likely to take action, such as to call or visit your business
  • Gain an advantage over your competitors
  • Mobile users will stay for longer
And there are many more benefits too!


We include responsive design for FREE.

How it works

Rather than using a fixed width, we make fluid templates which change to fit any screen size.

By using percentages instead of fixed dimensions allows the width of columns and navigations to change.

By using media queries, we add extra styles which only apply to specific screen sizes. For example, the desktop version may have 3 columns, compared to only 1 column on the mobile site. Learn more in the following video.

Responsive website facts

Smart phone statistics (by Google, April 2011):

  • 95% look for local information
  • 88% take action (phone or visit) within the same day of looking for local info
  • 74% make a purchase based on a smart phone search
  • 44% read reviews and product info

And Google predicts that mobile searches will surpass desktop searches next year.

A quick demonstraction

See for yourself, this website uses responsive design. Look at this page on your smart phone.

Without responsive design

A static website uses fixed widths to decide how wide things are, such as navigation and columns.

When you look at a static website on a big computer screen - it will look fine. However, if you go to that website on a smart phone, the text will be really realy small.

Why? Because phones try to show an entire web page at once, so to do that they must make everything smaller.

To be able to use and read content requires the visitor to zoom in, and to scroll sideways as they read. Not good!

This demonstrates how this page would look on a mobile without responsive design.

With responsive design

A responsive design website uses percentages to decide how wide thing are, such as navigation and columns.

When you look at such a website on a big computer screen - it will look fine, just like any other website. If you go to that website on a smart phone, everything moves to fit on the screen nicely. You don't need to zoom in.

How? We can add a different design for different screen sizes. For example, your website could have 3 columns on a desktop computer, but on a smart phone those columns would be put into 1 column.

This demonstrates how this page looks on a mobile WITH responsive design.

We offer FREE responsive design

Trust us, you NEED a mobile friendly site... which is why we include this free!

No mobile site

Many of our competitors fail to offer mobile friendly websites, and the ones that do usually charge extra!

We have included some useful information below, about the pros and cons of not having a responsive web design.

Responsive design

We will include responsive design for FREE to make your website mobile friendly.

Here we have detailed the many benefits of having this functionality on your website.

No mobile site: Recommended

• Not recommended. All websites need to work on mobile and tablet devices to retain visitors.

Responsive design: Recommended

• For every business, and every for website.

• To gain an advantage over competitors.

• To reduce the percentage of visitors who leave your website in seconds, known as the bounce rate.

• To make your website easier to use.

No mobile site: Approximate cost

No cost.

Responsive design: Approximate cost

No cost.

No mobile site: Mobile user experience

People see the website in full size. Their phone will zoom out until the full width of the page can fit on the screen - which makes everything look really small and unreadable.

Visitors will have to zoom in on their phone to read anything, and will need to scroll frequently.

Responsive design: Mobile user experience

People see the website in sized in a width the same as their device. There is no need to zoom in or out.

The content will be easy to read, and won't require any horizontal scrolling. Navigation is also easy to click.

No mobile site: Pros

• None, and this video explains why.

Responsive design: Pros

• Customers can read your content easily on any device.

• Mobile users will not have to zoom in because the text is automatically made big enough to read.

• The website looks nicer, and is easier to use.

• Your website is more effective because mobile users are more likely to stay on your site for longer.

• Gain advantage over competitors without a mobile-friendly website.

• Tablets (I.e. iPad, Galaxy Pad, or Nexus) will also display your businesses web pages nicely.

• As soon as the screen (or window) width is changed - the site layout automatically changes.

No mobile site: Cons

• Without a mobile friendly website, smart phone visitors are significantly more likely to leave your website quickly.

• Your website is harder to use (on mobiles).

• And many more...

Responsive design: Cons

• To setup and test the responsive design on a website takes a little more time.

No mobile site: Speed to use

Finding information on the website will take longer. Visitors may have to scroll in all directions until they find what they would like to click or read.

Responsive design: Speed to use

Find information quickly. The website is mobile friendly - so everything is readable, and links are easier to click.

Let's get started - contact us...

Total Website Design was established in 2010. Our prices include everything you need to have a great looking mobile-friendly website, hosted online for 2 years. Every website is custom made to your requirements, we do not outsource and there are no monthly fees.

Our office is located in Worthing, near Brighton. We also travel to meet within certain areas of East Sussex and West Sussex.

Frequently asked questions

Hopefully an answer to your question here, however please contact us for more information.

How much do you charge for a website?

Prices on this website are "guide prices". Your actual quote may differ slightly depending on the complexity of your requirements. Learn more.

What must I provide to you?

In addition to payment, you must provide all content required for the websites completion within 14 days. This includes text, photographs, videos, testimonials etc.

Which CMS do you use?

Our recommended content management system (CMS) is called ProcessWire. It is very similar to the more well known WordPress, and easier to use in our opinion.

Can I use my existing domain/host?

Probably. It is likely we can use your domain/host if you have the username and password. However, for functionality such as CMS - some hosts may be incompatible.

How long will it take?

A typical website will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Large or more complex websites may take longer.

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