Sell your products and/or services online

Known as ecommerce, or online shopping.

What is ecommerce?

Ecommerce is a term for any type of business or commercial transaction where payment is taken over the internet. Big examples include Amazon, Ebay, and iTunes.

Online shopping market share is not limited to the big players. Many small businesses have successfully gone nationwide, or even global, thanks to ecommerce.

Start selling your products and services online now to gain advantage over your competitors, and increase sales.

  • Sell products and services online
  • Keep your business open 24/7
  • Accept secure online payments

Ecommerce basics

Sell online, it's simple.

Why you need it

An ecommerce website is a great way to increase sales for shops, hotels, manufacturers, and other business who sell specific goods or services.

You will benefit from ecommerce:

  • Customers can order from anywhere
  • Gain new customers
  • Lower costs
  • Remain open 24/7
  • No need for a physical shop location
  • Easy to start and manage a business
  • Sell nationwide, or even worldwide

What does the customer see?

Customers look for products on your website before clicking "buy now" or "add to cart" to purchase the item(s).

They are then taken to the secure PayPal website to complete the payment, as shown in the video. Don't worry about the code and setup jargon - we sort that out for you!

About PayPal

To sell products on a website you need a shopping cart - software which allows customers to select which items they want to buy. Visitors can then visit the checkout and pay for products securely online.

PayPal is the worlds most popular online payment method and has over 240 million accounts worldwide!

It is a fast, safe and secure means of payment.

A quick demonstraction

Customer experience is simple, fast, and secure.

How customers place an order

Search for products

People can go directly to your website address, or find you on Google. Customers can view your products online.

Add to basket

Once a product is chosen, they can click "add to basket" or "buy now" to continue.


The price and total of all the chosen products are shown in the "checkout".

Enter PayPal or card details

The customer enters their payment details on the secure website, and completes the order.

Ecommerce is optional

Do you need ecommerce functionality? The guide below will help you decide.

Without ecommerce

Your website can promote products and services, however without ecommerce you cannot receive payment for them via the internet.

Your website could include a "reserve" button to let people order products without paying. You would then call/email them to arrange payment (i.e. cheque in post) OR allow people to pay on the day (i.e. when they arrive at hotel).

Ecommerce included

Available for approx £150 extra (one-off setup cost), this allows customers to order and pay for your products or services securely online.

Ecommerce allows you to expand your business nationwide, or even globally. Any shop owner or service provider can increase business, and sell 24/7 online.

Without ecommerce: Recommended

• For non-retail businesses.

• For personal services (i.e. hotels, or taxi cars) which can take payment on the day easily.

• For retailers of collection only goods.

• For customisable or bespoke work (i.e. builders, or art) which cannot be given a fixed price.

Ecommerce included: Recommended

• If you need to receive secure payments online.

• For service providers who wish to take deposits or full payment in advance.

• If you have a product, or brochure of items, to sell.

• To expand your business nationwide, or even globally.

Without ecommerce: Approximate cost

We do not charge extra for non-ecommerce websites. You need nothing extra, so there is no cost.

Ecommerce included: Approximate cost

We require one-off payment to setup the ecommerce functionality.

Quotes vary mainly depending on the amount of products you have to sell, please contact us for a quote.

PayPal charge a low fixed percentage transaction fee on every sale. Their standard rate for you receiving payments for goods and services is 3.4% plus 20p. Learn more.

Without ecommerce: How customers order and pay

1) The customer visits your online shopping website and browses to find any product(s) they like.

2) They click "reserve" or "contact us".

3) They enter their contact details (i.e. phone number) and then click "send".

4) Your customer is shown a message to say you will contact them as soon as possible.

5) You receive the customers contact details, allowing you to contact them to arrange payment or to give them further instructions (i.e. directions to your shop/hotel).

6) The customer will pay in-person on the day, or could pay by cheque. You could also use your existing credit card system over the phone.

Ecommerce included: How customers order and pay

1) The customer visits your online shopping website and browses to find any product(s) they like.

2) They click "buy now" or "add to cart".

3) They enter their credit card or login to pay via PayPal, currently the worlds most popular secure online payment service.

4) Your customer is sent a receipt.

5) You receive the money, and must either post the product or provide the service.

Without ecommerce: Pros

• Good for payment of in-person services.

• No transaction fees or setup cost.

Ecommerce included: Pros

• We use PayPal Payments Standard. It is fast, secure, and many customers will be familiar with PayPal.

• PayPal is the worlds most popular online payment method and has over 110 million active users worldwide!

• Expand worldwide, you are no-longer limited to the local area. It is easy to expand your business online.

• Payments are secure, and can be withdrawn from your PayPal account straight into your bank account.

• Security. PayPal uses the same high levels of encryption as banks.

• Speed. No need to wait for cheques, or to wait until the custom collects their goods.

• Reduce risk. Payment is received instantly - so there is no risk of a no-show. Take deposits to ensure customers arrive, or to guarantee you get paid for your goods.

Without ecommerce: Cons

• You cannot take payment for goods or services using the website.

• You may loose sales to ecommerce-ready competitors.

• Personal service businesses (i.e. hotels, or taxi cars) risk no-show customers, so could loose revenue.

• Without a deposit - customers are more likely to be late, or to cancel at late notice.

• Customers may not trust the business if you ask them to pay over the phone.

Ecommerce included: Cons

• PayPal take a small transaction fee for every sale.

• You must check your your emails/account for sales.

• Staff may need training/practice to use ecommerce effectively.

• You must pay for ecommerce to be setup, so the initial cost will be slightly more.

Without ecommerce: Speed of payment

You may need to wait for payment.

Ecommerce included: Speed of payment

Payment is instant.

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Total Website Design was established in 2010. Our prices include everything you need to have a great looking mobile-friendly website, hosted online for 2 years. Every website is custom made to your requirements, we do not outsource and there are no monthly fees.

Our office is located in Worthing, near Brighton. We also travel to meet within certain areas of East Sussex and West Sussex.

Frequently asked questions

Hopefully an answer to your question here, however please contact us for more information.

How much do you charge for a website?

Prices on this website are "guide prices". Your actual quote may differ slightly depending on the complexity of your requirements. Learn more.

What must I provide to you?

In addition to payment, you must provide all content required for the websites completion within 14 days. This includes text, photographs, videos, testimonials etc.

Which CMS do you use?

Our recommended content management system (CMS) is called ProcessWire. It is very similar to the more well known WordPress, and easier to use in our opinion.

Can I use my existing domain/host?

Probably. It is likely we can use your domain/host if you have the username and password. However, for functionality such as CMS - some hosts may be incompatible.

How long will it take?

A typical website will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Large or more complex websites may take longer.

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