Unlimited pages (Content Management System), only £575

Our CMS allows you to edit website content easily yourself, at anytime.

Your business website can be kept up-to-date easily with our CMS

You need to keep up with the competition. Keeping your website up-to-date with helpful information, testimonials, and recent work pictures is a great way to do that.

But how can you edit a website? The only way for an untrained person to edit content easily is to use CMS.

Our chosen CMS is award-winning.

  • Edit content yourself at anytime
  • Very easy to use
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • No monthly fees

Our system has won a CMS Critic's choice award

Award winning? Yes, it is THAT good.

You can login to edit the website from your smartphone or tablet device too!

We recommend ProcessWire

Small businesses work hard, and don't need the hassle of an unfriendly CMS. ProcessWire is a breeze!

There is no confusion. After login, you are shown a simple list of pages. You can select "edit" to update a page, or create new pages.

Custom to you

Unlike many well-known systems, ProcessWire allows us to have full control over the options you will see.

We customise the CMS to your requirements. Anything you don't need can be hidden - making everything easier to find. We add options appropiatly for your business, such as fields to let you enter products and prices.

What does it actually look like?

Simple, clean, and user-friendly. Have a look at the section below for some screenshots.

Content management features

As standard, the CMS allows you to:

  • Edit and delete pages
  • Create an unlimited number of new pages
  • Update phone, email and other details
  • Publish content instantly
  • Save drafts
  • Upload pictures and files

We also add hand-picked special features:

  • Flickr import, free-use photos
  • Visitor statistics (Google Analytics) are available inside the CMS when you login
  • Comments manager
  • RSS feeds
  • Version control

And, we can make bespoke features too!

Easy as sending an email

Training isn't really necessary. All the options are self-explanatory AND include tips.

How to login and edit a page

Go to your website to login

The login area is on your own website. Enter the username and password provided.

Select a page

Upon login, you will see a list of all the pages on the website. Click a page name, and then click "edit".

Pages with a number after them have a group of pages under them. Click those to show/hide more pages.

Make the changes

Almost done. The last thing to do is change some content.

Your CMS will show several fields to write in. Every field has clear instructions, and has a good example.

Click in a field, then type (or paste in) changes, and save.

The body field has a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editor, similar to programs like Gmail. Enter your main content here, and make it look nice.

CMS is optional

Without CMS, the only way to edit website content is to use our pay as you go service.

Pay as you go service

Available to all clients, this option allows you to pay for the maintenance of your website. This service is ideal if you will not need to update your website often.

You send us content, pay, then we format it to look nice and will publish it online.

Edit yourself with CMS

Available from £100 extra (one-off setup cost), this allows you to login and add/edit content yourself at anytime using our recommended content management system.

This option is recommended if you will need to update your website frequently, and will probably save you money long-term.

Pay as you go: Recommended

• If you don't need to make regular updates.

• For small websites.

• To save money short term.

CMS: Recommended

• If you need to make updates daily, weekly, or monthly.

• For mid-size and large websites.

• To save money long term.

Pay as you go: Approximate cost

We estimate the time required, and then quote fairly. For example, to create a new page and add it to the navigation would be about £25 per page.

We are happy to make very small updates free of charge, such as changing prices or contact details.

CMS: Approximate cost

Website design with CMS included is from £100 extra, however this is a one-off cost. There are no monthly fees - you can make as many changes as you want for free.

Depending on the complexity of your requirements, actual quotes may very.

Pay as you go: How to edit a page

1) You write the content.

2) You email it to us.

3) We quote for the work.

4) You pay the quote.

5) We code and format the content to look nice.

6) We publish everything online.

CMS: How to edit a page

1) Go to your website and login.

2) Select the page to edit.

3) Write/paste your content into the boxes provided.

4) Click "save", and the content is online. Or you can save a "draft" to keep it private until you are finished.

Pay as you go: Pros

• Easy as sending an email. All you have to do is write the content, send it to us, and pay.

• No effort required. We will style your content to look good and be consistent.

CMS: Pros

• Add and edit content as often as you please. No waiting, no delays. Make changes yourself and publish them instantly.

• Create an unlimited number of pages.

• No monthly fees, no ongoing expenses.

• Easy to use content management system. No more difficult than using email - self-explanatory usage.

Pay as you go: Cons

• Unless you include CMS (or obtain your own web host), the only way to edit content is to pay as you go.

• Delays are possible, due to payment speed and communication time.

• You must pay for updates.

CMS: Cons

• You will need to make content look nice, be consistent, and format the text yourself.

• You must pay for CMS to be setup, so the initial cost will be slightly more.

Pay as you go: Speed to edit content

As you would expect, there is a communication delay between you sending us an email and us receiving it. We quote for the time upon receipt. Unless you have pre-paid, we would then request payment.

We may or may not complete and publish changes prior to payment, at our discretion.

Generally, updates can be made during the same week which they were requested.

CMS: Speed to edit content

You can make the changes, so the speed is effectively as fast as you can type! There is no waiting for service or to communicate, and your updates can go live instantly.

Instant. Login to make changes at anytime.

You can even login to edit the website from your smartphone or tablet device!

Let's get started - contact us...

Total Website Design was established in 2010. Our prices include everything you need to have a great looking mobile-friendly website, hosted online for 2 years. Every website is custom made to your requirements, we do not outsource and there are no monthly fees.

Our office is located in Worthing, near Brighton. We also travel to meet within certain areas of East Sussex and West Sussex.

Frequently asked questions

Hopefully an answer to your question here, however please contact us for more information.

How much do you charge for a website?

Prices on this website are "guide prices". Your actual quote may differ slightly depending on the complexity of your requirements. Learn more.

What must I provide to you?

In addition to payment, you must provide all content required for the websites completion within 14 days. This includes text, photographs, videos, testimonials etc.

Which CMS do you use?

Our recommended content management system (CMS) is called ProcessWire. It is very similar to the more well known WordPress, and easier to use in our opinion.

Can I use my existing domain/host?

Probably. It is likely we can use your domain/host if you have the username and password. However, for functionality such as CMS - some hosts may be incompatible.

How long will it take?

A typical website will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Large or more complex websites may take longer.

Have a question?

We would be happy to help, please click here to email us, or call 01903 609547 and ask for Andrew Rowland.